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TOMBOW Ippo Color Pencil In Green Tin, 12-Piece (82395)

The concept behind Tombow’s Ippo collection is all about fun, easy and colorful designs. This great collection is perfect for school children and young adults who want to have fun while learning. The Ippo Color Pencil set has a slide type lid allows for easy opening. Lid can be placed under the tray to reduce space. Color guide on lid helps kids put each pencil in correct place. 12-piece set in a green tin. Tombow is passionate about offering the finest and most innovative executive pens, office supplies, and arts and crafts products on the market today. Whatever your project, from preparing documents to scrapbooking to fine art projects, you can count on Tombow for unmatched quality and design.

Product Features

  • High quality color pencils
  • 12 pencils in metal tin
  • Slide lid on tin includes color guide
  • Place lid under tray to conserve space
  • Great for adults and children alike!

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Widow skimmer

Widow skimmer — Libellula luctuosa
Alma Pond (Beaver Lake), Alma, New York

Southern Hawker – Aeshna cyanea

Southern Hawker Aeshna cyanea Snitterfield Bushes, Warwickshire 15/09/2007

come n say ‘hello’ to my new friend

Explore #201

Walking the line

A macro of a dragon fly, he was sitting on a reed and i took the picture looking down at him.
To get closer

IMG_9349 picture wing

Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand

Light, Colour, MAGIC!

I have to say I am very proud of this one, and feel very personally confident that I love it for my own reasons. This to me, brings a slightly surreal, dreamy and magical slant on a Dragonfly. It’s exactly how I see them. I spent a very long time today, just transfixed on watching these, and in particular this male Black Tailed Skimmer. Dragonflies are very territorial, and this one defended his spot almost constantly. I watched the females, almost "flirting" with this male, teasing him to leave his spot of rest and relaxation. He defended his territory well against other Dragons and Damsels, and responded to the females when he felt like it. Quite the male of the species. :) No wonder he needed to rest!! I was extremely happy to see all the colours in the BOKEH, which really does it for me in this shot. In addition, I love the wings forward position. Gorgeous :) It has to be one of my favourites, because it represents best what I "see" which is my love of photographing wildlife, and in particular, Dragons. :)

Azure Damselfly – immature female

It’s not just the butterflies who are having an early season. Several species of dragonfly are also beating early date records – a month earlier for me than last year.

Makes you wonder if Mother Nature knows more than we do…is it possible that they’re emerging now because we’re in for a miserable May?

And on that positive note…

Frenzy Dragonfly Attachment/Refill – Fits Da Bird, Cat Catcher, Clarion Baton and Flying Frenzy Pole Toys

The Frenzy Dragonfly Refill is a great attachment for fun play time with your cat!

Individually Handmade. Bright & Colorful.

Part of the Frenzy refill small Bug Range, it attaches to the end of your compatible wand/rod/pole imitating a colorful Dragonfly.

This refill will bring out the wild cat in your furkid!

The Frenzy Buttermoth refill is made of CHENILLE fabric from shorn Sheep wool/yarn. The chenille yarn is manufactured by placing short lengths of yarn, called the “pile”, between two “core yarns” and then twisting the yarn together. Then we add feather stems for legs and feather sadle wings.

The Dragonfly is approximately 2 inches long x 0.6 inches in body plus wings span of 3.9 inche wide and long 2.75 inche bright yarn tail.

The Dragonfly is made with the yarn fixed to a plastic tube running through the middle, so there is no sharp metal bar. The connection to the wand toy is via a strong braided cord hook on the front securly fixed to the plastic tubing.

Simply clip it on your compatable wand/pole and play!

This is the refill/attachment only, poles/rods are available separately.
As with ALL cat toys, please supervise play and replace if damaged.

Colors Vary.

Product Features

  • Really brings out the natural hunting instinct of your Cats
  • Adds variety to your Da Bird, Cat Catcher, Flying Frenzy and Clarion Baton toys
  • Made from wool and feathers
  • Simply clip on and start playing! Cats go WILD for this attachment
  • Handmade in the UK in Assorted colors. Color and pattern vary

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