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Natural Dragonflies

Dragonfly Widow Skimmer – male

I’m back in a dragonfly mood again!
8-4-07 N. Ga. yard

Photograph of the Day, Dragonfly Gallery, Nov. 25, 2007

Dragonfly, Up Close and Personal

Flamingo Gardens, Davie Florida

Dragonfly In Drip~Drop Condition

It seems the rain has some advantages. Not if you are a Dragonfly though. I think it’s an Imature Male Common Darter. It crash landed as the rain started, so I snapped a few shots, and put it somewhere more sheltered. The rain drops really highlight those wonderful compound eyes. Shame the antenna can’t be used as windscreen washers lol. I’m chuffed to bits with these considering the equipment I used.

I used my 70-210mm Lens, exposure F11-F14 and 36mm Kenko tube, handheld and built in flash. I’ve got to get an external flash and diffuser next, to rid those pesky light reflections!

The eyes of a damselfly

Face of the damselfly Platycnemis pennipes.
More pictures in the stack would have been necessary but the damselfly was not quiet enough :

Scale : head width ~ 4 mm

Technical settings :
- Focus stack of 5 images
- Schneider Kreuznach Componon 28 mm f/4 at f/5.6 reversed on 68 mm extension tubes
- natural light : 100 iso – 1/3 s

Twelve-spotted skimmer, male

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Explore, Oct. 20, 2008 @ 321 now 69 … 472

Photograph of the Day, Dragonfly Gallery, October 14, 2008
Defender’s Front Page, Fall 2008
Winner, Nature’s Pot-of-Gold challenge, 10-08
Winner, Beautiful World Challenge Group, dragonflies & damselflies 12-08
2nd place, Welcome to my World photo challenge, "X" 12-08
Winner, Nature’s Pot-of-Gold challenge, big & small 3-09

a VERY friendly Blue Dasher

Georgia yard 8-22-08 … not supposed to be able to do this with my camera – hehe

Winner, Beautiful World Challenge Group, Bugs Eyes 8-08
Winner, Nature’s Pot-of-Gold challenge, smiling insects 2-09
Winner, Nature’s Pot-of-Gold challenge, bug portrait 3-09
Winner, Nature’s Pot-of-Gold challenge, bright-eyed bushy-tailed 5-09


Having spent the winter longing for the spring, the time to review last season’s efforts made me change my MO this year. My main priorities are seeking out those species I’ve yet to get a photo of, improve on those I have and check out new locations.

I’m also resisting shots if the pose is wrong, the background unattractive or the sun (or subkect) is in the wrong place. Not wanting to come home empty handed means I’m looking at my options more. For instance, I spent a great deal of time just waiting yesterday – spent an hour on my belly immersing myself in the acrobats, fighting and courtship of the Beautiful Demoiselles in one sunny, sheltered patch which just so happened to have a few ‘perfect’ perches around.

Not that they used them!

But the point is I’m spending more time observing than taking photographs – for which the former can only be beneficial for the latter Perhaps more importantly it can result in a perfect moment. That perfect moment yesterday was hearing what I can only describe as a ‘clunk’ in the reeds about a metre from where I was focused.

I switched my gaze to the area of the strange sound and up popped a fresh & recently emerged Golden-ringed Dragonfly, rising almost vertically out of the reeds before finding it’s wings and soaring off into the distance.

I so wished I had been focusing the camera a metre to the right…..

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Diphlebia euphoeoides male

Male Tropical Rockmaster, Diphlebia euphoeoides, family Diphlebiidae. Australian Museum specimen K301723.

Diphlebia nymphoides male

Male Arrowhead Rockmaster, Diphlebia nymphoides, family Diphlebiidae. Australian Museum specimen K301673.

The meeting

Orthetrum brunneum meets Crocothemis erythraea

Blue meets Red! I was trying to shot the red dragonfly when the blue one came to sit on the same rock. The red one didn’t seem to mind because, although they were both males, they were of different species and had nothing to fight about! I managed to get 3 shots before the blue flew away again and this one is the best (focus-wise).

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