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Slylock Fox Finds Walsh

Westport, CT (PRWEB) March 3, 2004

Slylock Fox & Comics for Kids is teaming up with Walsh Public Relations as part of a national marketing campaign to support the popular syndicated comic strip, according to Slylock Fox & Comics for Kids creator and artist, Bob Weber Jr.

Walsh PR will be an integral part of the overall marketing strategy to attract licensees, new business opportunities, and bring overall consumer awareness to the comic strip and particularly to the lead character, Slylock Fox. The national public relations program will focus on exposure for the characters in the strip, increased public appearances of Bob Weber Jr. as the artist and creative force, and an initiative for generating alternative avenues of business interest, promotions, and tie-ins for Slylock and the overall strip.

“It is very exciting to be working so closely with such a talented artist like Bob and his creation, Slylock Fox & Comics for Kids, to prepare and execute a full scale PR campaign. Backed by the fundamental theme for the comic strip as educational entertainment, Slylock Fox is an established character that is prime for today’s market and current trends. We’ve outlined a program that will focus on the fun, logic skills, and upbeat humor of the strip. In addition, we are emphasizing that the recurring characters in the strip are, for the first time, more available to children, parents, and educators, in fresh and exciting new ways,” Greg Walsh, President of Walsh Public Relations, said.

“We are looking forward to working with Walsh PR,” said Weber. “They are a company with a superior level of experience in the field of children’s entertainment. Their expertise and knowledge in handling comic characters and entertainment properties will be a great benefit to Slylock Fox & Comics for Kids in helping us reach new viewers for the comic, nurture our core fans, as well as demonstrate the value-added capacity of entertainment related, nonprofit, and corporate affiliations.”

Created in 1987 by Bob Weber Jr., Slylock Fox & Comics for Kids is a children’s activity newspaper page and internet website featuring an intelligent, friendly cast of regular characters that teach and entertain young readers. In Slylock Fox, Weber created super-sleuth, Slylock Fox to challenge children to solve visual mysteries, while other characters intrigue children with word and math games. In other segments of the feature, Weber teaches kids about nature, pet care, self-esteem, health, and step-by-step techniques on how to draw. Each week, Weber publishes one drawing by a reader in the daily comic and one in the Sunday comic in recognition of the developing talents of his young fans.

Slylock Fox & Comics for Kids has received prominent awards and rave reviews from prestigious parenting and media publications. Receiving the Parent’s Choice Approval Commendation by the Parent’s Choice Foundation, Slylock Fox & Comics for Kids was the first comic strip to be honored by the Parents’ Choice Foundation. In addition, the Slylock Fox & Comics for Kids website http://www.slylockfox.com has received the following awards: Educational Best Bet Award from USA Today, Showcase (website) Site of the Week, Best of the Net Award from About.com, and Best of the Web in the comics category by 4Anything.com

Distributed by King Features Syndicate, Slylock Fox & Comics for Kids appears in approximately 400 daily and Sunday newspapers around the world. It has a combined daily circulation of 17 million, making it the world’s most successful kid’s activity newspaper page. Bob Weber Jr. draws his comic from his Westport, CT office, which he shares with his father, Bob Weber, Sr., artist of Moose & Molly, also syndicated by King Features.

Established in 1997, Walsh Public Relations LLC, based in Westport, CT, is best known for its work in the area of product marketing PR, children’s entertainment, toys, and licensing. “The company prepares and implements specialized PR strategies with a mission to communicate the unique features of products, services, and company management,” according to Mr. Walsh.

Slylock Fox & Comics for Kids joins the Walsh PR client list that includes the popular comic strip character, Ziggy, through Ziggy & Friends Inc., Oregon Scientific, Inc., Vida Games, R&R Games Inc., Parklife Games, Inc., Prodijeux, Inc., Dragonfly Publishing, and professional photographer Sacia Friedman.

For further information, visit http://www.walshpr.com.

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