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Dragonfly Lovers Deal Dashing

Dragonfly lovers are a varied group: from art deco fans to water gardeners, from hikers and campers to jewelry collectors, nature sketchers to photography buffs. But everyone loves a bargain, and there is one place everyone can have fun together.

DealDash.com is a different kind of online auction site where you can by cameras and collectibles, jewelry and camping gear, art supplies and gardening tools. All for just pennies on the dollar.  And all while having fun, too.

It’s the fair and fun auction site where you buy a packet of bids (some times a cheap as 15 cents a bid) and then use them to bid on things you want or need. Sometimes you can even bid on packages of additional bids. Such a deal!

The auctions are quick and fair. No one is allowed to join in after a certain point, so no one can snipe away the item you’ve been bidding for. And if you don’t win, you can usually buy the item immediately afterward at the regular price.

These are brand new items, the latest and most desirable models. For example, you can usually find auctions for the latest models of iPad, iPhone and other gadgets. Just about anything your heart desires.

So you can buy what you need to build a pond for your dragonflies, or find stunning dragonfly art and jewelry, or pick up top notch camping gear on the cheap. All while having fun.

To find out more, watch this quick video on exactly how the auctions work at DealDash.

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