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100ft Dragonfly Paracord – 550 Type III 7 Strand Parachute Cord – Made in the USA – Highest Quality Cord

Midwest Cord Brand Paracord is 100% Made in the USA Nylon 7 Inner Strand 550 Lb Test Strength Parachute Cord. The Highest Quality Type III Paracord for Survival Bracelets, Preppers, Camping Gear and More! Midwest Cord Paracord Comes with Heat Sealed Ends, no frayed ends! 550 Paracord Averages 4mm in Diameter, but overall diameter and thickness varies between colors. Die Lots may change over time, so colors can vary slight between batches. If you need a perfect match for a big project, make sure to order enough in one order, all cord shipped in a single order is garunteed to be from the same Die Lot!

Product Features

  • Midwest Cord Brand Paracord is Made in the USA
  • 7 Twisted Inner Strands
  • Nylon Paracord – Will not Rot or Mildew
  • Resistant to UV – Colorfast
  • 550 lb Test Strength Type III Parachute Cord

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  1. A. Deflon says:

    Strong and convenient 0

  2. Brassbass "Gardensmith" says:

    Paracord – a must have! 0

  3. j. mort says:

    i had problems with mine but it had to be a bad batch 0

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