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A Magical Sterling Silver Dragonfly…Why Be Ordinary? This Fits Either Ear, Let Us Know if You Have a Preference

Something just for fun! The Ear Wrap slips comfortably over the ear and you can wear it with other earrings.

All our jewelry is made here in Rhode Island by American Craftsmen and Women… giving American jobs. Please support American Business. All items are handcrafted to order.

Silver is considered to be protective, calming, and to have money-drawing vibrations. It is considered a psychic metal. It is said to enhance and empower psychic abilities within the bearer. Silver as a metal is associated with Lunar energies.

As a company striving to remain environmentally responsible, I’d like my customers to know that the silver content of all jewelry made by us, is refined with reclaimed silver not supplied from the mining industry…saving the earth’s natural resources.

By using reclaimed metal, we decrease the demand for newly mined ore. Precious metals can be repeatedly recycled with no loss in quality; they are a naturally renewable resource.

Mother would approve!

You will treasure this piece and its workmanship!

Product Features

  • Why be ordinary? Have fun!
  • Please let us know which ear you will be wearing this
  • Sold as a single piece
  • Our jewelry is made with reclaimed silver, saving the earth’s natural resources.
  • We are the manufacturer and every piece is custom made for you.

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