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Artenschutzprogramm Fur Die Gekielte Smaragdlibelle: Oxygastra Curtisii, Insecta: Odonata in Deutchland –das Beispiel Der Population an Der Our … & Conservation Monographs) (German Edition)

At present the carabid fauna of Albania can be considered as well-studied. The catalogue includes references to or data for 543 species, 103 genera and 31 tribes of Carabidae. Several dozen taxa of specific or supraspecific rank are added for the first time to the fauna of either the Balkan Peninsula or Albania. A moderate taxonomic contribution based on a study of types, topotypes or series of previously problematic species or subspecies from Albania and the neighbouring countries is also presented; as a result, 38 various taxonomic changes (new synonyms, revalidations, new statuses etc.) are introduced. All species are listed with detailed localities and references. The book is addressed to specialists in coleopterology and entomology, biogeographers and nature conservationists, collectors and all ground beetle lovers. “Without doubt, this excellent catalogue, compiled with diligence and knowledge, will be an important tool for anyone, not only specialists on Balkan Carabidae, and will improve our insights into the systematics and distribution of carabid beetles. The hope of the author to place Albania with this catalogue side by side to Bulgaria (certainly the best-known regional fauna of Carabidae in the Balkan Peninsula, catalogued in 1995 by the same author and his father) is surely fulfilled.” – David Wrase.

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