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Blue Microphones Dragonfly Microphone Kc

The Dragonfly is a unique pressure-gradient cardioid condenser microphone, employing the Blue’s hand-built single-membrane large diaphragm capsule coated with a 6-micron mylar film of pure gold and aluminum. Enclosed within a rotating spherical grille, the capsule can be positioned and adjusted in the smallest spaces. Complete with an integrated elastic shockmount, the microphone’s electronics are based on a class A discrete circuit, with a transformerless output. Its sonic character gives flight to everything from vocals to percussion, electric guitar and bass, as well as more “difficult” sources such as saxophones and stringed instruments.

Product Features

  • Rotating spherical grille
  • Class A discrete circuit, with a transformerless output
  • Complete with an integrated elastic shockmount
  • Cardioid Polarity Pattern

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I got a Dragonfly mic at GC maybe back in 2008? Anyway, I love Blue’s products and wanted to give this one a shot, especially since GC had a 3-in-1 package deal and I was tired of borrowing mics. At the time, I had to look for a good deal, but looking back, what I got was a total steal and I really lucked out (I couldn’t afford it at what it’s currently worth now.) We (band) ended up using it for our vocals throughout the entire album instead of using the studio’s. Clarity on it is just phenomenal. Vocals (both male + female) can sound warm and crisp at the same time. I’ve even recorded flute, bells, guitar, etc – all amazing. We’ve used it with ProTools, Logic, Cubase, no problems. If you’re looking for a beautiful mic that sounds like $3K but is less than $1K, go get yourself a Dragonfly – I don’t get to play or record much at all anymore, but I know I will be hanging onto mine for the rest of my life.

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