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Cybrtrayd ‘Ladybug/Dragonfly Bar Kids’ Chocolate Candy Mold with Chocolatier’s Bundle of 50 Cello Bags, 25 Gold and 25 Silver Twist Ties and Chocolate Molding Instructions

The non-food supplies you need to make and wrap 50 pieces of chocolate: Chocolate mold, cello bags, ties and Chocolatier’s Guide. And, they are manufactured for CybrTrayd, a trusted name in chocolate.

Product Features

  • Bundle comes with our exclusive 40 page, full-color Chocolatier’s Guide: melting, molding, filling and decorating chocolate, including 3D chocolate
  • 50 cello bags, 3.75″ x 6.25″
  • 25 Silver & 25 Gold Twist Ties
  • Take your chocolate molding to another level with Cybrtrayd’s new Chocolatier’s Guide! (ASIN: B00GP49RA4)
  • For all your chocolate/candy mold needs search the Cybrtrayd store

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