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Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium 12, English

Control Your Digital World by Voice-Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 Premium speech recognition software ignites new levels of personal productivity and convenience by enabling you to interact with your PC by voice. Say words and they appear on your computer screen – three times faster than typing – with up to 99% accuracy. Dictate or modify documents, spreadsheets and presentations, manage email, search the Web, post to Facebook and Twitter, and more. Launch applications, select menu items, save files, and switch windows using simple voice commands or create your own custom commands to insert boilerplate text and/or graphics. Even dictate notes into a digital voice recorder or a compatible iOS device and Dragon will later transcribe the recorded files into text on your PC. Dragon 12 Premium is your key to less stress and more success at home, school, work, or wherever life takes you

Product Features

  • Improved Accuracy: Dragon 12 delivers up to a 20% improvement in out-of-box accuracy compared to Dragon 11.
  • If you use Dragon on a computer with multi-core processors and more than 4 GB of RAM, Dragon 12 automatically selects the BestMatch V speech model for you when you create your user profile in order to deliver faster performance
  • Better performance: Dragon 12 boosts performance by delivering easier correction and editing options, and giving you more control over your command preferences, letting you get things done faster than ever before
  • Smart Format Rules: Dragon now reaches out to you to adapt upon detecting your format corrections – abbreviations, numbers, and more – so your dictated text looks the way you want it to every time
  • More Natural Text-to-Speech Voice: Dragon 12?s natural-sounding Text-To-Speech reads editable text-with fast-forward, rewind and speed and volume control-for easy proofing and multi-tasking

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  1. SanjeevP "Bottom Line" says:

    Version 12 is a DOWNGRADE! Grab Version 11 Before it is Sold Out When it comes to speech recognition software, Dragon is pretty much the only game in town. Ever since Dragon Naturally Speaking version 9, the accuracy of voice recognition has been very good.The upgrade from Dragon Naturally Speaking version 9 to 10 improved the accuracy of voice recognition perceptibly; and even version 11 improved the voice recognition noticeably. But Nuance disabled the use of Dragon Naturally Speaking version 11 in Electronic Medical Record programs. They want to sell, Nuance Dragon Medical Practice Edition 1 or 2, several times more expensive to the healthcare market. And the irony of all this is that despite costing several times more, Dragon Medical 11 (Dragon Medical Practice 1) does not work any better for electronic medical records than Dragon Medical 10. You just feel being ripped off!Having used Dragon Naturally Speaking version 12 for 4 weeks now, I think version 12 is actually a DOWNGRADE and not an upgrade because of following reasons.1. SLOWER: I have been spending a lot of time watching the spinning dragon in the correction window on Intel i3 processor 10 Gb RAM computer. Sometimes 6 seconds for a correction.2. BUGGY: The Dictation Box keeps popping up in a variety of programs even when you are directly dictating into the program and do not want it. For example, you are dictating a document in Microsoft Word and suddenly the Dictation Box pops up and all dictation starts going to the box instead of Microsoft Word document.3. Many of the old formatting commands do not work, and you have to learn a whole set of formatting commands all over again. Nuance is claiming lot of new formatting commands but so far I have seen very few new usable commands.4. It does not work for Electronic Medical Record programs. And also functions poorly in browser and Citrix based programs. That is where Dictation Box is useful.5. It does not work on Remote Desktop programs like RDC, Logmein, RDW, JumpDesktop etc.6. Keeps crashing in Windows 8 and does not close, when you exit the program. Releasing a program in late 2012, tailgated by Windows 8 release, that does not work well with Windows 8.UPGRADE? Huh?But version 12 has a few practical advantages.1. The repertoire of recording devices has increased.2. You can add multiple audio sources to your profile, instead of having to create multiple profiles.3. Tutorial is nice, as of now only text, and no videos.According to Nuance, the accuracy has improved by 20% but the improvement is hard to perceive in day to day use because Version 12 is slower. Slight improvement in accuracy for a slower program is not a trade off to call an upgrade. Version 12 is supposed to have social media commands, but I have not used those.Based on my personal experience with microphones and recording devices over 15 years on Dragon Naturally Speaking version 3 to 12, I found the following.A. USB MICROPHONES: give the best voice recognition. is good value for money. And if you are dictating long documents or do dictation stop-n-go piecemeal then connection between microphone and computer is solid. Dragon or Plantronics USB headsets that come bundled with this program also give good (but not the best) accuracy, but lack mute and volume controls.B. Bluetooth Microphones: Work fairly well, but not as good as USB microphones. is very good. The biggest handicap with wireless microphones is that connection between the microphone and the computer keeps breaking and they do not work well for piecemeal stop-n-go and dictation. Every-time you start dictating after a long pause, you have to reestablish the connection.C. Recording Devices: & give excellent accuracy. For dictation on-the-go, and later transcription on Dragon, these are the way to go.D. Smartphones: I have not had good experience with iOS devices like iPhone or iPod touch and the main problem is that their connection with computer keeps breaking off, in middle of dictation, which is very disruptive when you are dictating a long document or pause for 15-30 minutes. Getting a phone call or text in middle of dictation can be troublesome. iOS devices are probably OK for short snippets for Facebook posting, as shown in Demo, but not long document dictation. it is supposed to work…

  2. Novel Reader "just a review . . ." says:

    They call this an upgrade? 0

  3. Mr. T. Anderson "onlyconnect" says:

    Superb accuracy, beware poor headset 0

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