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Dragonflies & Damselflies in Bangladesh: Faunistic Study of Odonata

A faunistic study of Odonata (Dragonfly and Damselfly) was carried out in Bangladesh. A total of forty eight (48) species of Odonates belonging to thirty one genera, eight families and two sub-orders were recorded from the sampling areas. Among them, twenty five (25) species of Dragonflies under three families and twenty three (23) species of Damselflies under five families were recorded. The highest and lowest numbers of Odonata species were observed in Jahangirnagar university campus (31 species) and Bandarban (23 species) respectively. The diversity of Odonata species was peak during the post-monsoon season (45 species). Highest numbers of species were identified in Libellulidae family whereas lowest numbers were observed in Gomphidae, Lestidae, Calopterygidae and Protoneuridae family. Rhyothemis variegata was the dominant species (13.03%) of Dragonfly but in Damselfly, Agriocnemis pygmaea was the abundant species (13.97%) among all collected Odonata.

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