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2008 digitally remastered and expanded reissue of The Strawbs sophomore album, originally released in 1970, featuring four bonus tracks, two of which were recorded for John Peel’s Top Gear program on BBC Radio 1and first broadcast on September 7th 1969. Originally a Bluegrass band when they formed in 1967, The Strawbs took Progressive Rock to a new level by adding a healthy dose of English Folk influence to their heady mix. Led by Dave Cousins, the band never broke through commercially in the U.S. although their fanbase was large, loyal and fanatic. The enhanced packaging features rare and previously unseen photographs of the band and contains sleevenotes by Mark Powell. Universal.

Product Features

  • Record Label: Mercury
  • Catalog#: 06007 5302680
  • Country Of Release: NLD
  • Year Of Release: 2008
  • Notes: Remastered & Expanded

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  1. William Timothy Lukeman says:

    Like walking through windy, lonely English hills 0

  2. Joe says:

    Very Nice Remaster 0

  3. Jeff Beech-Garwood says:

    Memories 0

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