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DRAGONFLY 550 Paracord – Parachute Cord – 7 Strand Military Spec Type III – USA MADE – 100 ft.


When it comes to manufacturing military and commercial grades of 550 parachute cord, our United States government contractors are unmatched in their quality and service.

Woven from 7 inner strands of twisted double ply Nylon, each style features either a braided 100% Polyester or a 100% Nylon shell. Tested to a minimum break strength of 550 lbs., this MADE IN THE USA! paracord will satisfy thousands of unique applications ranging from camping needs to wilderness survival to craft projects to home usage.

You just never know when that 100 foot hank of stowed-away paracord will be the thing you need in an emergency!

•550 Type III Military Spec. – Commercial Grade

•Manufactured by a Certified U.S. Government Contractor

•550 lb. Minimum Break Strength

•100% 7-strand, double ply, twisted Nylon inner core.

•5/32″ diameter

•Heavy Duty

•Will Not Rot or Mildew

•Safety Note: Not to be used for Life Line


Product Features

  • Made by Certified US Government Contractors
  • 5/32 inch
  • Won’t rot or mold
  • 550 pound break strength
  • Heavy Duty

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