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Binding: DVD”Belief gets us there,” explains nun Linda Hunt to grieving widower Kevin Costner, an emergency room doctor whose ordered world is startled by “messages” from his dead wife. She’s talking about the journey from life to death, but it describes the doctor’s road from fact to faith equally well as he puzzles out the otherworldly events of his life. Costner’s mourning comes off less lost and sad than simply emotionless and inert, but he finds good support from Kathy Bates as his sassy neighbor. Her appearances, along with a few startling horror-movie-type shocks, energize a film otherwise shrouded in loss, grief, and the hushed mood of supernatural spookiness. It’s like a fusing of Ghost, The Sixth Sense, and The Mothman Prophecies, a New Age melodrama in a sentimental key that works through a rather contrived mystic mystery to a glowing climax. This is less a ghost story than a modern twist on the old-fashioned miracle. –Sean Axmaker

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  1. Kali "bengaligirl" says:

    Enjoyable Film… worth watching Ok..lets get this out right up front…Dragonfly is not comparable to The Sixth Sense… with that said I found it to be a well crafted movie, that while not suspenseful is still good storytelling. It is more of a love story than a ghost story and the ending is one of the best in a recent film. Kevin Costner is unfairly lambasted by critics, and while his choice in movies can be questioned, his acting skills remain sharp. He was believable in his part as the grief striken doctor. Ignore the critical bashing this movie has been getting, it is an enjoyable, if somewhat under developed film.

  2. David Thomson "Second Rate Eric Hoffer Imitator" says:

    Slowing moving but genuinely spooky Kevin Costnor finally in a movie that shows you that he can act, a reminder of the days when he did films like “Dances with Wolves” and “The Bodyguard”.Dragonfly is like neither of the above, some people have compared it with “The Sixth Sense” and found it wanting, however that is a little unfair as this is not a movie about ghosts as such, rather it is about belief, life after death and the power of love.When his wife is killed in a freak accident in South America, Dr. Joe Darrow is left only with memories for her body was not recovered from the wreckage of the bus that claimed her life and that of her fellow Red Cross workers.But Joe finds that he is getting signs, he is seeing things in the house he once shared with his wife not to mention the children who have had near death experiences talk about his wife Emily and a rainbow, along with an odd little wavery cross they keep drawing when they come back to the land of the living.Joe thinks he is going mad, his friends think he is going mad but eventually Joe finds himself following what he soon realises are clues to a puzzle that he must unravel if he is ever to have peace of mind.A visit to a remote village in South America reveals the truth about Emily’s death and the surprising legacy she left behind.An excellent cast with Kath Bates in a tough but soft centred cookie role as Dr Darrow’s friend Mrs Belmont and a short but sweet showing of the brilliant and often understated actress Linda Hunt as the nun Sister Madeline who makes Dr Darrow realise that there is more to life and death than heaven and earth can ever explain.There are no spectacular special effects in this film though there are some genuinely spooky moments which will make you jump and though the ending is a little bit syrupy for my taste it doesn’t make the film any less watchable.Not a film I would have gone to the movies to see but one I enjoyed watching on DVD.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Dragonfly delves into the ultimate mystery of life and death The death of Dr. Joe Darrow’s (Kevin Costner) pregnant wife Emily brings him face to face with perhaps the most troubling existential question of all time. Is there a life after death? Was the morose Macbeth right to describe life as nothing more than “a tale, told by on idiot, full of sound and fury signifying nothing?” Emily (Susanna Thompson) was also a doctor and devoted much of her efforts to saving the poverty stricken people of the destitute areas of the world. She dies in a mud slide that pushes her bus over a waterfall. Joe is an avowed atheist convinced that Emily’s personality has been utterly extinguished. He will mourn her passing, but life must go on.

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