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Dragonfly in Amber Dragonfly in Amber

In eighteenth-century Scotland, Claire Randall and her raven-haired daughter, Brianna, return to the majestic hills where Claire recalls the love of her life–gallant warrior James Fraser…Title: .Dragonfly in Amber..Author: .Gabaldon, Diana..Publisher: .Random House Inc..Publication Date: .2001/08/01..Number of Pages: .743..Binding Type: .PAPERBACK..Library of Congress: .2007280997

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  1. Jana L. Perskie "ceruleana" says:

    In A Word – OUTSTANDING!! I usually do not care for sequels, whether in novels or films. After reading Diana Gabaldon’s wonderful book, “Outlander,” I was sure she could not come up with another book to match the first. I was wrong and “Dragonfly In Amber” is an exception to my rule and an exceptional book. Once you begin to read, you will find yourself absorbed immediately and probably forget the novel’s length (900+ pages). In fact, you may find yourself wishing it were longer.

  2. Lawyeraau says:

    A LOVE THAT TRANSCENDS TIME CONTINUES TO RIVET THE READER… This is the second in a series of time travel, adventure/romance books by the author. There are four such novels published to date in what is hoped to be a series of six books. These novels have engaged readers everywhere, because of the author’s masterful storytelling, as well as for the superlative use of historical detail which is woven into the tapestry in this most intriguing of stories.

  3. VOTAVAD@AOL.com says:

    Unbeatable! The BEST Historical Romance Novel EVER! I started this series with Dragonfly In Amber, although it is the 2nd book of the series. I was at a library skimming through and i happened to open up the cover (of the paperback) and saw an artist’s depiction of Jamie. WELL, I just had to read the book because Jamie (the drawing)looked so handsome. Anyways, I read the book, and could not believe how AWESOME it was, I actually had a dream about the characters (no lie) because Ms. Gabaldon made it so real . Needless to say, I bought Outlander the next day, and read the entire series back to back. This is the book that started me off though, and I have never felt so strongly attached or so emotional about Jamie and Claire (I can’t tell you how many times I burst out laughing or bawled like a baby). It makes me feel like I have a special bond with them somehow, like no one else can intrude in our world. I am a hopeless romantic and have read countless novels, but I am happy to say that Jamie and Claire’s stories are the only ones falling apart (from being re-re-re-read of course) BUY THIS BOOK & THE WHOLE SERIES….YOU WILL LOVE IT =)

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