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Dragonfly Post iPhone 4 Skin

Iconic Mobile Stationery for your Laptop, iPhone & iPad Make a personalized statement and change your device into a travelling piece of art with Finchley Paper Arts’ enchanting line of mobile stationery. Old meets new when inspiring documents, photographs, and visual stories of travels to exotic lands collide in spectacular imagery, bringing warmth and beauty to your mobile device. Finchley Undercover Skins give laptops, iPhones and iPads a personalized artistic and stylish update. Our latest item for 2012 is our new line of Hard Cases for your iPhone4/4S.

Product Features

  • iPhone 4/4S Skin
  • Mobile Stationery
  • Stylish Protection for your iPhone
  • Undercover skins are removable covers and are backed by adhesive technology from 3M, which allows for bubble-free application.
  • Available for the iPhone4/4S.

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