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Flitter Fairies Daria (Forest Fairy)

These small, sparkling fairies can be guided around via a magic wand and seem to magically flutter and float in the air! Daria is the Forest Fairy of Protection. Daria is the feisty middle child and a Forest Fairy. When Daria flits through the forest, all the creatures feel safe knowing that she looks out for them in her role as a Fairy of Protection. Daria wears gold and green so that she can more easily hide herself within the forest. Her gorgeous gold hair and green eyes make her stunning. Let her protect you and your home, too!

Product Features

  • Flitter Fairies magically flit and fly all around you with enchanted flapping wings!
  • It’s easy to guide your fairy with your magic wand!
  • Flitter Fairies have chosen to slip from their Realm Slightly Above Time into the human realm of Timefulness
  • Their deepest wish is to inspire humans to take better care of the natural world.
  • Each Flitter Fairy seeks to bond with a human friend who shares her most important trait such as compassion, protection or inspiration

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  1. Karl says:

    Somewhat misleading advertising Let’s be clear up front: this product does NOT fly under it’s own power. It hangs from a thread that you attach to a hair clip.It does not mention this directly in the product’s description. In retrospect, I should have read the reviews more thoroughly as other people had similar complaints. Also, the included thread (8 sets total) break VERY easily. Once the threads are all broken, you will be left with a small figure that just flaps it’s wings, going nowhere. My daughter was somewhat disappointed (as was I).

  2. wendy530 says:

    Pretty but not useful I bought it, and it’s a pretty toy.However it doesn’t work for long.The silk string breaks easily and often.I’d try tying fishing line or floss on her.

  3. Elizabeth Gigliotti says:

    cute fairy it was a cute toy and very ingenious how to use it, but the thread is delicate and sometimes hard to not catch on other things when you try to store it

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