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Glass Eye 2000 User’s Guide

Product Features

  • This is an optional printed user’s guide for Glass Eye 2000 stained glass design software from Dragonfly Software. The guide contains twenty lessons that take you on a tour of the product, feature by feature. The guide was written with novice computer users in mind, so having it makes an easy-to-use product even easier.

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  1. ihavewebfeet "Glass is the crack cocaine of t... says:

    hhhmmmmm The program has some limits. Dragonfly has good marketing strategy. Buy the standard version and there are a lot of features you really need but to get them you have to purchase the upgrade. So you might as well purchase the Pro version and be done with it. If you have ever used a CAD design program prior you’ll have no difficulty learning this program. Over all I would recommend it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    If you upgrade your computer on a regular basis, beware.You have to send for a new “key” every time you install (it is not included with the software). The last two times I upgraded my computer (or moved software to a different machine), I had to wait over a week to get it. The last one didn’t work, so I gave up. I got ZERO customer service when I tried to get the last key corrected. I am NOT a computer novice…this was not a question of someone who doesn’t know how to use a computer.Now I see they charge you to get a user guide?It was $120 wasted, as I barely go to use it.

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