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Gold Tone Dragonfly Shaped Hair Snapclip Case Pack 60 Gold Tone Dragonfly Shaped Hair Snapclip Case

Gold tone dragonfly shaped hair snapclip with assorted color epoxy, 1 1/2 inch. 2 per card on these wholesale bulk cheap discount hair clips.” Case Pack 60 .Please note: If there is a color/size/type option, the option closest to the image will be shipped (Or you may receive a random color/size/type)..

Product Features

  • Brand Name: DDI Mfg#: 681560
  • Shipping Weight: 1.90 lbs
  • Please refer to SKU# ATR15524325 when you inquire.
  • This product may be prohibited inbound shipment to your destination.
  • Picture may wrongfully represent. Please read title and description thoroughly.

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