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Got Damselflies? Car Truck Vehicle Bumper Helmet Decal Sticker Wall Art Laptop Phone Design Skin Stickers

DESCRIPTION This Decal is made from high quality 3.0 mil Vinyl; that is digitally cut. The Vinyl has a self-adhesive backing for a quick and easy application. Just peel and stick! The Decal will stick to any clean smooth surface such as windows, mirrors, doors, car/truck/motorcycle painted areas, almost anything. Decals are fun and effective way to show your support and everything you love and care about. APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS First, apply vinyl stickers only to clean, smooth surfaces. Stickers may be removed, but doing so will destroy the decal. Application to surfaces colder than 40F is not recommended, unless the surface can be heated slightly before application. Before application, place the sticker on a flat surface and remove the white backing sheet, leaving the sticker attached to the clear transfer sheet. Small stickers you can apply directly by peeling off the release paper from the back of the sticker affix the sticker, apply slight pressure to smooth and remove the transfer sheet. Use caution with this as, once the sticker makes contact with the surface, it is stuck and you can’t reposition it. With larger stickers, we recommend using wet method of application. Mix 1 cup of cold tap water with one drop of dish washing liquid .We suggest pouring this mixture into a clean spray bottle, though a lint-free rag or sponge can be used instead. Apply the water mixture liberally to the surface to which the sticker is being applied. This wet method permits you to work from the center to the outside, smoothing out the sticker and eliminating wrinkles or air bubbles. A credit card works well as a squeegee for this purpose. Once the sticker is in place, let it dry for about 15 minutes and then spray the backing paper with the above water mixture and carefully peel off the backing paper. If an edge of the sticker lifts from the surface, use the credit card to smooth it back down and wait a couple more minutes for the further drying.

Product Features

  • Top Quality Decal
  • 5 year Outdoor Durability
  • Apply to Any Smooth Surface (Vehicle, Laptop, Window, Mirror, Wall, etc)
  • Durable and Weather-Proof
  • Easy to Apply and Remove

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