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Insects and Reptiles Lite

Product Features

  • * Play through of 36 Unique puzzles.
  • * Two types of puzzles: Jigsaw and Shuffle
  • * Paint & Save your kids drawings.
  • * Record and play their voice.
  • * Wide range of difficulty levels – from 2 pieces for starters to 30 pieces for preschool kids and first graders!
  • * Easy to learn and control, even for small kids
  • * Funny and Lovable animals, beautifully drawn in vivid HD Graphics
  • * Interactive animals sound effects, Positive and pleasant feedback.
  • * Multiple side games for in between puzzle solving – pop balloons or bubbles, or just play with the animals.
  • * Control the game music and sound effects from the settings menu
  • * Kids safe menu buttons to prevent accidental entry to parent related pages
  • Insects and Reptiles Puzzle is a lovely game for all ages. Kids will improve their skills while having fun!
  • Our educational games are specifically tailored to fit preschool-aged kids, and encourage them to learn from each activity. We specialize in fun educational games.

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