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Lentek Plug-In/Portable Mosquito Contro – MC06

The advanced technology of the Lentek Mosquito Contro emits a choice of three frequencies to help control mosquitoes. Two of the frequencies match the wing speed of the male mosquito, which female mosquitoes (the only mosquito which bites) instantly stay clear off. The other set frequency is the sound of the mosquitoes’ natural enemy: the dragon fly. All three frequencies are barely audible to the human ear and can be adjusted for desired coverage up to a 20′ x 20′ area. Safe for kids and pets, the non-toxic Lentek Mosquito Contro will have you bite-free all summer long.

Product Features

  • Emits 3 frequencies to repel mosquitoes and help keep them from biting
  • Two frequencies imitate wing sounds of male mosquitoes, which females avoid – One frequency imitates wing sounds of the dragonfly, a mosquito predator
  • Perfect for keeping your home, deck, or campsite mosquito-free
  • Adjustable volume control for bug density and area coverage
  • Easily covers up to 20′ x 20′ area – Environmentally safe – no chemicals – Will not affect kids or pets

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