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Luckytown Home Product Four Seasons Courtyard AC-176-BLK-FS Metal Dragonfly String 10 Light Set

Four Seasons Courtyard, 10 Light, Black, Metal Dragonfly String Light Set, 10 Mini Bulbs Included, 10 Mini Bulbs Included, 94″ Overall Wire Length, 24″ Lead In, 7″ Bulb Spacing, 7″ Lead Out 7″, Indoor and Outdoor Use With End Outlet, 4 Spare Bulbs and 1 Spare Fuse Included, UL Listed, Clear Acetate Box.

Product Features

  • Metal Dragonfly String Light Set
  • Indoor and Outdoor Use With End Outlet
  • 4 Spare Bulbs and 1 Spare Fuse Included
  • Clear Acetate Box

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  1. Amazon Frequent Flyer says:

    A great whimsical touch year-round 0

  2. Noan C. Dublinski says:

    Very short string of lights – 5 feet 0

  3. Barbarella says:

    Beautiful! 0

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