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Moody Pet Fling-ama-String Motorized Interactive Cat Toy

The lean, mean, string-flinging machine is a battery-operated cat toy that hangs on any door knob. A cord flings in & out for kitty’s non-stop amusement!

Product Features

  • Completely natural
  • Appropriate for all ages and breeds
  • For Pet Type(s): Cats

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  1. R. Bray says:

    Safety Warning! My cats loved playing with this toy. Then, after a long period of supervised play, I turned the unit off and stowed the string according to the instructions on the box. However, a short time later, my cat figured-out how to pull the string from behind the rear side of the elastic band to which it is attached. She had managed to swallow most of the string, which is about 16″-18″ long. Luckily, I was home, noticed what was happening and intervened by pulling over 12″ of swallowed string from the mouth of my cat!Of course, I immediately removed the toy from the door knob, studied the unit more carefully to understand how this had happened, then finally repackaged it in the box, putting it where my cats couldn’t get to it.In my opinion, there is a design flaw in the unit. Simply shutting off the toy with the string behind the back side of the belt is not enough (obviously) to prevent a cat from finding the string and then swallowing it. If the design were modified to place a solid plastic wall between the front side and back side of the belt, attaching the plastic to the sides of the belt housing, then the string couldn’t be pulled back out by a curious cat.In an effort to help improve safety and potentially to save a cat’s life, as well as to help the manufacturer of an otherwise nice toy, I later called the manufacturer to advise her of what had happened and to present my suggestion.The call was answered by a machine stating no one was available to take my call. But as I was leaving the message, a woman picked up the phone (sounding like I had woken her up. The call was placed at 10am EST on a Tuesday).I began to tell her why I had called. Instead of sounding concerned, being willing to listen, or even apologizing, I was interrupted and told to “just wrap the string around the door knob – no cat could unwrap it.” I disagreed, as I’ve seen cats do things no one thought they could do. In fact one of my cats does so on a regular basis.She insisted that there was no reason to redesign the product, when people could just wrap the string around the door knob. Next, she tried to assign blame to me, telling me that the cat was supposed to be supervised when playing with the toy. (Again, my cats were being supervised while the toy was on. It was only when I had shut the toy off and stowed it according to the instructions that my cat was able to get at the string anyway and swallow it.)Next, the woman suggested that my IQ was not as high as hers, insisting there was no need to change the design and again saying she had quickly figured out (after a couple other people had called mirroring my concerns) that all you have to do is wrap the string around the door knob.Finally, to top off this somewhat less than desirable “customer service” experience – throughout the conversation, the woman repeatedly (no less than 3 times) stated “you can’t please all customers.” She’s right!Because, she didn’t even try. All I wanted was for her to listen to my concern (it wasn’t even a complaint) and to allow me to make a suggestion to improve safety (which, she could have thanked me for and then done nothing with, if that’s what she chose.)So, the bottom line and my reason for this review…I feel responsible to warn potential customers (since my phone call led me to believe that the manufacturer won’t). In my opinion, the instructions on the box are insufficient to protect your cat. If you have one of these toys or decide to purchase one, I highly recommend that you remove it from the door knob after each use and put it away, where your cat can not get to it.However, given that recommendation and the level of supervision required while the cats are playing with the toy, you might just want to save the money and pick-up an old-fashioned string.

  2. Jen Wiehl says:

    Cats love it – maintenance seems to be a pain. Easy assembly and when I hooked it up it only took seconds for my three cats to start pouncing. It also took seconds for the thing to stop working.After about an hour of tinkering and debating on returning it, I figured out the motor was working fine, it seemed to be the elastic band was too tight – that or the roller was stuck. I put some cooking oil on the bottom roller and everything started working just fine.It’s been less than 24 hours and my youngest cat started crying at me this morning – he never talks. I turned the Fling-ama-String on and he was totally happy. It’s even getting my oldest cat (14 years old) off his big rear end and exercising.All in all, the cats love it. I just wished they had send some troubleshooting instructions along with it.

  3. G. Wright says:

    This thing almost killed my cat. My cats loved it, however, one of my cats managed to chew the string off this thing and eat it and almost died. Several hundred dollars at the vet later, my cat is ok. I basically force fed a large amount of petromalt to my cat, which kind of greased up the intestinal tract and hurried him to the vet. My vet took an xray, but the string didn’t show up. Surgery would have been almost impossible due to the fact that it would have been so hard to find the string in the intestine. So he just put the cat on a saline IV to get the cat well hydrated, and fortunately it passed the string. Sure, it says only to use it with supervision, but really, that is just the manufacturer admitting, this toy is just plain dangerous. If you care about your cat, don’t risk it, do not buy this thing. There are plenty of safe toys out there to choose from.

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