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Parasol – FILIGREE ~ DRAGONFLY ~ Hummingbird Nectar Feeder – Red – Etched Hand Blown Glass – with Gondola – FILCIN

Etched dragonflies and marsh reeds set off this brilliant red addition to our Parasol Filigree selection. This is a sure hit with you and the hummers.

Holds 16 oz of hummingbird nectar, and this feeder features Parasol’s Dripless Gondola stopper in antiqued brass. Comes with a tag with instructions and a nectar recipe.

Product Features

  • * Red Etched Blown Glass Feeding Vessel      * Dripless Gondola stopper with 3 feeding ports
  • * Dimensions: 11″ high; 3″ diameter     * 16-ounce capacity
  • * 7″ s-hook for hanging           * Non-acid etched
  • * Rubber laboratory-quality Gondola stopper removes for easy cleaning
  • * Proudly made in North America using recycled glass

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