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Spyderco Dragonfly2 Brithish Racing Green FRN ZDP-189 PlainEdge Knife

C.Q.I.-Constant Quality Improvement is a process Spyderco uses to evaluate and refine longstanding established knife models. Sometime C.Q.I. changes are large and noticeable, sometimes they’re smaller refinements. Recently we applied C.Q.I. to the classic Dragonfly creating a new Dragonfly2. The Dragonfly2 upgrades some notable features over the classic while keeping the important basics. Features carrying-over to the new version are the tried and tested mid-sized blade and ergonomic handle along with a front-finger choil and spine cusp. Also staying is the blade-to-handle geometry and leveraging points which make the Dragonfly cut and feel like a much larger large knife when in the hand. New refinements include: the addition of a left/right tip-up wire clip, patented Bi-Directional Texturing™ on the handle, choil and spine jimping and screw together handle construction. The blade is a high-performance flat-grind ZDP-189. The position of the enlarged Spyderco Round Opening Hole in relation to the pivot leads to smooth opening and the FRN (fiberglass reinforce nylon) handle fits the hand ergonomically with a series of grip angles and leveraging spots.

Product Features

  • Left/right, tip-up wire clip.
  • David Boye Dent. 11mm Spyderco Round Hole.
  • FRN Bi-Directional Texturing? handle.
  • Spine, choil, and handle jimping.
  • Leaf-shaped flat-ground blade. Skeletonized full liner.

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  1. James Braley says:

    Great “Watch Pocket” knife. This knife has become my favorite EDC knife because of the blade steel and the size. First the steel: IMHO, ZDP-189 is the best non-laminated steel for pocket knife. Mine came from the factory extremely sharp and has held that edge without honing or “touch-up” through a great number of cardboard boxes. When I first began using it I worried about the steel being brittle, but that turns out to be a non-factor. I still don’t use it (or ANY knife) as a pry bar, but I’m not worried about hitting box staples anymore either. The size is perfect for a “watch” or 5th pocket on jeans. My Delica 4 is too big for that pocket, while the Ladybug has been relegated to the keychain. Incidentally, all 3 of those knives are ZDP-189, but I have other knives in S30V, VG10, etc. The ZDP-189 wins hands down for edge retention.

  2. E. Smith says:

    Sharp! I also own a Spyderco Endura 4 with Emerson Wave, a black Delica 4 SpiderEdge and yellow Tasman Salt. I carry the Endura every day in my right pocket. Since my new ZDP-189 Dragonfly 2 (British Racing Green FRN) arrived about a week ago, I’ve been carrying it clipped in my left pocket.Initial impression is that this is a very nicely made little knife. Great feel in my hand and very, very sharp. Nothing more to say about it at this time except that I’m glad I spent $60 on this little gem.20 September 2012 Update: After about ten months of occasional use, this thing is still razor sharp. I’m very happy with this purchase.

  3. Mikey likes it says:

    Great weekday EDC The Dragonfly 2 is my new favorite small knife. Spyderco’s great design lets it be as small and light as possible while maintaining much of the usability of a larger knife. The choils greatly improve grip and knife control, making it good for detailed, precise cuts, although the bottom choil does significantly shorten the cutting edge. For example, the Ladybug, a much smaller knife without a bottom choil, has an edge that’s almost as long as the DF2′s. In any case, the DF2′s blade is long enough for most common cutting tasks. The small form factor and conservative color make it non-threatening to others.The ZDP-189 has better edge holding ability compared to VG10, though it may require a little more time to sharpen. I would have been just as happy with the less expensive VG-10 version. The G10 version is almost double the weight. The FRN’s bi-directional pattern is a lot grippier than G10. Both the ZDP and G10 versions are quite pricey for such a small knife and I definitely wouldn’t call them ‘high value’. The VG10 version is a better value (though still a bit overpriced, IMO). To me, the price was fair, since I’ll be using this knife for many years to come.I owned several small knifes, including the Spyderco Ladybug, Cricket and Ambitious, the Kershaw Chive and Scallion, Boker Keycom, Swiss Army Knife and a Sebenza-like import. After using the DF2, the others paled in comparison (heavier, bad ergonomics, poor design and quality, etc.). I was carrying a Delica 4, but have now switched to the DF2, which has been able to handle everything I used the Delica for. Highly recommended.

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