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Spyderco Ladybug3 British Racing FRN Zdp189 Plain Edge Knife, Green

Ladybugs have been on Spyderco’s best-selling list for years. They are clip-less, designed for carrying on a keychain or with a thong or lanyard threaded through a hole at the handle’s end. ZDP-189 is Japanese-manufactured stainless blade steel that has recently gained acclaim in the knife industry as one of the hardest, highest performing blade steels available on the market today. Using powdered metallurgy technology, 3% of ZDP-189’s structure is made of pure carbon, making the steel harder and enhancing edge retention capacity.  ZDP-189 is categorized as an exotic, high-performance blade steel which Spyderco offers as an option on several best-selling lightweight everyday-carry folders including the Ladybug3. The handle is British Racing Green FRN (fiberglass reinforced nylon), molded with Bi-Directional Texturing for slip-resistance while cutting.  The PlainEdge blade is flat-ground from the spine to the cutting edge, offering abundant cutting power in a small folder.

Product Features

  • Clipless. Lanyard hole.
  • David Boye Dent.
  • Enlarged Spyderco Round Hole.
  • Hollow-ground blade.

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  1. Robert C. Babcock says:

    Incredible knife! I have a real EDC problem: I’m pathologically unable to tolerate a bunch of crap in my pockets. Yet I won’t leave home without at least my keys, a decent flashlight and a quality knife. I’d been EDC’ing a Victorinox Classic SAK. It’s a pretty handy tool overall. I absolutely love the scissors and the tweezers and toothpick got used pretty regularly. But the actual knife blade was a bit sub-par. True, it came sharp but it’s a bit too small and flimsy for the tasks I need it for (eg. cutting down cardboard boxes, opening packages) and edge retention is poor.I decided to try replacing my SAK with the Ladybug in ZDP-189. I must say right off that this is a SERIOUS piece of steel! Like all Spyies this was beyond razor-sharp OOTB. So far edge retention has been great, no surprise given the properties of the exotic super-steel that the blade is made of. The real surprise is just how useful and easy to handle the knife is. Most tiny knives are pretty much toys, but the Ladybug is very good. The whole thing is small but contoured in a way that you can hold it securely. And when kept on a carabiner keyring I can use the rest of the junk as a handle. If you didn’t think a knife this small could be a “serious” tool, think again.If I wasn’t so averse to crap in my pockets I’d have probably went with the Dragonfly in ZDP. It’s a bit beefier knife albeit with more bulk and cost. Overall I can’t imagine a better small EDC blade than the ZDP Ladybug. It gives you serious capability with vanishingly small size and weight. I occasionally miss the scissors or tweezers of the SAK but it’s worth the tradeoff to get a blade this stellar. A 5-STAR knife if I’ve ever seen one.

  2. THE DRIVER says:

    Another Spyderco Ace This tiny knife is very much like it’s big brother, Delica. It’s just a mini version. The quality is top notch. The ZDP-189 steel holds a very good edge. I haven’t sharpened mine yet. Haven’t needed to. This is my second Ladybug and I’m really looking at one more. They come in handy for so many small jobs like opening the mail or a stubborn bag of chips. I also have a Dragonfly and a Delica 4, but I keep finding myself going for the Ladybug when I need a blade. The only thing I’m not crazy about is the color. The green is so dark, it looks black. Easy to lose, Maybe I’ll make a lanyard for it from brightly colored paracord. Super little knife. Get at least one for your collection.

  3. Flectric says:

    Extremely useful and nobody will ever question it. It’s small but very useful for most daily knife tasks. I carry 4 knives most of the time and the smallest one in my pocket is usually the one I reach for if it will do the job. This steel holds a sharp edge long time and ergonomics are great despite the size.

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