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The Abs Diet Eat Right Every Time Guide

Smart Eating Choices – Made Simple!

TENS OF THOUSANDS OF AMERICANS HAVE CHANGED THEIR BODIES – AND THEIR LIVES – with the help of The Abs Diet, the New York Times bestseller from David Zinczenko, editor-in-chief of Men’s Health magazine.

The principles of The Abs Diet are simple: Eat more healthy food – six delicious meals a day – and crowd out the bad stuff that’s making you fat. The Abs Diet has been proven to strip off 10, 15, even 20 pounds of flab – from your belly first – in six weeks or less.

Now, Zinczenko makes eating smart and healthy easy with this eye opening portable weight-loss manual, THE ABS DIET EAT RIGHT EVERY TIME GUIDE. This on-the-go guide pinpoints the foods you should choose to burn away belly fat no matter where you are – at home, in the supermarket, even at the fast-food counter. And it reveals the hidden killers that are adding inches to your waistline and taking years off your life!

Discover these amazing weight-loss secrets:

Should you toast a bagel or an English muffin? Did you know that making the wrong choice will cost you 150 extra calories?
What’s healthier – a bean burrito or a taco salad? Would you believe the healthy salad will pile 130 more calories onto your plate?
Which will make you fatter – a Whopper or a Big Mac? You’ll be stunned to discover the shocking truth!

Learn why a hot fudge sundae is a treat you should eat, why potato chips are better for you than french fries, and why Swiss cheese is three times healthier than Cheddar.

You don’t have time for complicated plans or fancy recipes. In THE ABS DIET EAT RIGHT EVERY TIME GUIDE, Zinczenko tells you how to strip away belly fat in every situation – from the frozen food aisle to the deli, from a five-star restaurant to the drive-thru. On-the-go eating doesn’t have to end up on your gut.

A portable companion to the larger Abs Diet: The Six-Week Plan to Flatten Your Stomach and Keep You Lean for Life, this friendly little guide fulfills several purposes. First, The Abs Diet Eat Right Every Time Guide condenses the “power foods” recommended by the diet–a nutritionally sound mix of lean proteins, whole grains, fresh vegetables, fruit and monounsaturated fats–into easy-to-read lists that will help with daily purchasing habits. Second, a number of “Abs Diet Endorsements” are included to help you make proper food choices, even if you’re grabbing lunch from a vending machine or food court. Lastly, it offers up a tidy handful of new recipes for wraps, snacks and smoothies along with a short-n-sweet workout. In other words, it supplies everything you need from a diet book to manage the diet on a day-to-day basis.

The casual hanging-with-the-boys style could be your favorite thing about it, or what drives you crazy. Phrases like “Skipping breakfast is like arguing with the cops; there’s absolutely nothing good that can come out of it” can either help reinforce the basics or just make you want to get far, far away from the rest of the jokes, such as, “Oatmeal is the Bo Derek of your pantry–it’s a perfect 10″.

The ultimate goal is uncovering your own six pack, and benefits like lower blood pressure seem less important than waist size. There’s something to be said for to-the-point surface goals, but your attitude about image will likely determine your attitude about the book’s usefulness. –Jill Lightner

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  1. Charles Curtis says:

    I’ve lost thirty-two lbs. of fat in ten weeks. I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend this book. If you are overweight, and want to do something about it, this book has the information you need to change your life for good. Know though that this is not a “diet” – it is a dietary strategy. A way of life. One which – if you embrace it, will change your life forever in very positive ways.My personal testimony: I am 6′ 2″ tall and 35 years old. My weight has been over 250lbs for the last few years. But I have a large frame, and my body type is primarily mesomorphic, with a strong endomorphic influence. This means I have a good deal of muscle mass and definition, but have also always carried a significant amount of fat. Anyway, my BMI was about 31 and my body fat was over 30%.That is technically obese, though I neither felt nor looked it. I would tell people how much I weighed, and they never would believe me.So I carried the fat well, thus I didn’t particularly care. I idly thought about doing something about it. I bought the main book of this series (to which this book is a supplement) last year, but it sat on my shelf collecting dust.Until two months ago. On March 2nd 2006, I went to the doctor’s for my checkup. I got on the scale. It tipped. 263lbs. Then my blood pressure: 200/100. That’s right. 200/100. Nice round numbers. I’ve had slightly high blood pressure for years. Always 140/80 or less. Nothing too dramatic. This new reading blew my mind. I wasn’t scared, just astonished. I had it taken again that afternoon, and it came out at 169/90. I was officially suffering from hypertension.The old clich?d wake-up call. I had been eating a lot. Not poorly, I hardly ever eat junk or processed food. But richly. Lots of cheese, desserts, bread, salt, sugar, second and third portions… no breakfasts. And wine. And gin & tonic. And bourbon. All very yummy stuff.I was – to put it bluntly – a fat gluttonous hypertensive lush.I went home that evening and resolved to change. I took the main book of this series off the shelf, and read it. I went out and bought a small notebook, which I christened my food journal. I recorded everything I put in my mouth for about a month. I began simultaneously phasing the principles in this book into my life.I eat five small meals a day, 3 or at the most 4 hours apart. Each & every food choice is a deliberate one. I make the best possible choices I can, every time, knowing that each thing I put in my mouth is making me healthier and leaner. I’ve stopped drinking alcohol & most other caloried drinks all together. I bought a blender and have begun drinking smoothies. I eat loads of good, substantive food. Tasty food. Whole grains. Vegetables, berries & fruit. Nuts. Lean proteins- fish, chicken & beef jerky. Healthy fats like olive oil and avocado paste.And my bodyfat has simply melted – metabolized – inexorably away. Very gracefully. I counted calories, protein, carb & fat percentages for a few weeks (which this plan does not recommend, but I felt was important for me, just so I could get a sense of what I was eating) – but did no formal exercise at all. I have been active – walking a lot (I always take stairs, do a lot of yard & house work, etc.) but have not gone out of my way to exert myself. No running. No lifting. None.It’s been just over two months on the plan. I’ve bought a very good scale and blood pressure monitor, and have kept daily track of my progress.Today is May 11th, 2006. I weighed in this morning at 231 lbs. That’s a loss of 32lbs, to date. My blood pressure is 127/80. It hasn’t been over – or even really near 140/90 – in weeks. I’m still losing fat at a rate of about two pounds a week. I can feel my body burning it away. I feel so much better – almost euphoric at times. And I’m eating all the time. Several small portions of simple but tasty food, every three hours or so. I drink water and lightly sweetened iced tea all day. I am rarely hungry, and when I am it means it is time to eat.I am not doing this for aesthetic reasons, but people have noticed – particularly girls – and I got to admit it’s gratifying. When I finally cut my six-pack – which I expect to do by the around the end of the summer, with a little exercise – it is going to be sweet. I still have about 30lbs of fat to lose.So, this is the deal: if you want to know how burn fat without destroying your metabolism and losing muscle, buy this series. It will require significant permanent changes in your life, probably, but the results will more than compensate. You will like what you eat, you won’t starve, and you will lose fat and become healthier. It is win win win, requiring just a bit of self-awareness & discipline. Anybody can do it.This book – almost a booklet, really – is the core of the plan. It details the…

  2. Charles Runels Md "research physician & fathe... says:

    This is the book I’m recommending to my patients and why… 0

  3. A reader says:

    Awesome Recipes! 0

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