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The Amazing Dragonfly (Amazing Facts About Insects)

Growing up on a ranch in Montana, there were a number of small dams that were on the ranch so the animals were able to get water as they were grazing in areas that had no running water from streams. The water in the dams came from rain and with no streams flowing into them they were what is referred to as still water.

In that kind of water mosquitoes were a problem on occasion. Around the water were many dragonflies. They did a great job keeping the mosquito population to a very small number.

I’m providing some of the pictures from our personal photo albums of the various types we have encountered. The picture gallery is by no means showing even a fraction of the number of the species currently in the world but I hope it will give you an idea of the variety of the types we saw on our dragonfly adventure and encourage you to be on the lookout for them as you travel.

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  1. Julia Busch says:

    Dragonflys – Flying Gems and Jewelry I have always been awed by dragonflies and their beauty. As children, we called them darning needles. I knew they didn’t sting, but their life-stages are fascinating. The author gives an insightful account of both her childhood and the dragonflies at her pond. Her personal photo gallery is impressive. Highly recommended.

  2. Nicos S. says:

    Fascinating info! This is great read. I have always been intrigued by the abundance and diversity of life and certainly this book has contributed to increase my knowledge about dragonflies. I was especially amazed to know of their contribution to the preservation of the ecosystem; dragonflies are helping in keeping the population of mosquitoes low. I also enjoyed the pictures; they are so vivid.

  3. Leland D. Benton says:

    What a marvelously informational book I learned so much about insects from this book that it is actually mind-boggling. We cohabitate this planet with billions of crawling, creeping and flying insects but we never really understand our relationship to them and if they are harmful or good. I never knew that dragonfly eat mosquitos. This is a must read book and well worth your time and investment.

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