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The Biology of Dragonflies (Odonata or (Classic Reprint)

Biology of theO donata as it is possible to offer in the present state of our knowledge of these insects. Thus the book is written primarily for biologists rather than systematists. More than ninety per cent, of the papers so far published on theO donata have been chiefly systematic in their aim. The remainder are principally morphological, and form a valuable though somewhat small collection of facts on which a book of this kind must necessarily be based. During the last three years, I have fortunately been able to undertake a considerable amount of work on the internal anatomy of theO rder, thereby not only confirming many points which were more or less in doubt, but also adding some new discoveries, and here and there rectifying errors. Most of this work has not yet been published, and will first see the light in the condensed form in which it appears in the present volume. It is hoped that the method of treatment followed in this book, by which the morphological, phylogenetic and physiological view-points have been correlated, in so far as our present knowledge allows, will enable students of theO donata to take up any line of research on this interesting Order with a full knowledge of what has already been achieved. To this end, theB ibliography has been practically confined to those publications bearing on the biological study of theO
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