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TouchUpDirect Saturn Ion Automotive Touch-Up Paint Pen – Dark Dragonfly Teal 17/WA927L – Essential Package

TouchUpDirect is the world’s first and only source for environmentally friendly, original factory quality, do-it-yourself touch-up paint. All of our products are designed to allow you to instantly make your car look great, protect it from the harsh outdoor elements, and add value to your vehicle! TouchUpDirect is the only company dedicated to bringing you eco-friendly touch-up paint that has perfect factory match and superior quality. We formulate our colors in the latest waterborne technology that is the same type of paint your newer vehicle is painted in from the factory. For older vehicles we have specially created low-VOC urethane that is still environmentally friendly, yet also is the same type of paint that your vehicle was painted with from the factory. By using the same formula of paint as your car was built with, we can guarantee color accuracy and factory quality so that you will have a great repair. Why use TouchUpDirect? Because you car deserves the best!

Product Features

  • Touch-up your vehicle now! Keep your vehicle looking great and performing great by being protected from rust and corrosion with our easy to use Touch-Up Paint Pen specifically formulated to fit your Saturn Ion! Your TouchUpDirect order includes everything you need to instantly touch-up your car!
  • TouchUpDirect’s Touch Up Paint Pen is unrivaled in it’s accuracy, ease of use, and convenience to guarantee that you perform the best touch-up repair. The valve-action pen dispenses the perfect amount of paint for your chip or scratch, ensuring a mess-free touch-up. The paint pen tip is a chiseled nib that allows either super fine lines for small scratches or wider lines for bigger scratches and chips allowing you to tackle any type of scratch.
  • Super-fast shipping on all orders! Get your product quick! TouchUpDirect offers full tech support for all of our products. With TouchUpDirect you will achieve a great touch-up repair, we guarantee it! If you’re not 100% satisfied, contact us, we will make it right. No fuss, no hassle, TouchUpDirect is dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction.
  • TouchUpDirect is THE source for the touch-up paint you need! From scratch repair touch-up sized pens or jars, larger aerosol spray cans for parts or spot-repairs, and for the bigger jobs spray-gun sizes… TouchUpDirect has them all! Returning a lease or selling your car? Add value to your vehicle by touching-up those unsightly nicks and scratches with original quality, perfectly matched touch-up paint!
  • Scratched all the way down to the metal or plastic? The TouchUpDirect Essential Package is what you need. In addition to the color and clearcoat that’s standard in the Basic Package, we add a TouchUpDirect high-build, fast drying primer. This primer is our own low VOC (we’re ALWAYS eco-friendly!) formulation. Wax & Grease Remover in a convenient handy-wipe package is great for removing contaminants from the surface. We even through in a pair of latex gloves to keep your hands clean!

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