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Wall Murals Wallpaper Coverings decorations NON WOVEN Golden Fish & Lotus & Dragonfly #113 ( L: 152.5cm (W) x 104 (H) (5′ x 3’5″) 2 PANELS)

INSTALLATION TIPS&TRICKS: Before you begin – extract the package with the product ordered by you. Spread each panel (parts of the wallpaper) next to each other in the correct order before gluing and see if there are defects. If you see something disturbing, possible variations in color, please contact us. To hang photo- wallpapers you need only a few simple tools: Bucket of water; Ordinary brush; Paint roller Level (spirit- level) and a pencil a plastic tarp might be useful – to protect the rest of the room and the ladder if your mural is large. All work must be perform at room temperature (18-20 °C) with the windows closed to prevent drafts. 1.Preparing the surface: The surface should be clean, smooth, free of grease and should absorb moisture. Any previous wall coverings should be removed. Rough areas should be eliminated. Any holes and cracks must be filled. 2.Prepere glue: You will get it with each order, just dissolve it in water at the correct proportions: 1 panel : 20 g = 0.5 l of water; 2 panels or 4 pieces : 40 g = 1.0 l of water; 3 panels or 8 pieces : 60 g = 1.5 l of water. 3.Drawing guidelines. Especially when you hang a two or three panel photo-wallpaper, we suggest you draw guidelines using a level to hang a photo-wallpaper in a straight line, vertically and horizontally . 4.Applying a glue. In case of non- woven mural ,apply glue directly on panel or wall and stick mural to the wall. In case of paper mural apply glue directly on panel and wait 3 min, next hang the panel (panels) on the wall using the guidelines. Use a paint roller to press it. Repeat the same action to all parts of photo-wallpapers. Now you must wait until the mural is dry. At this time, it is important to maintain the room temperature (18-20 degrees C) and absolute avoiding drafts. Excessive room ventilation or trying to raise the temperature does nothing to accelerate drying and may spoil the effect of your work. Your mural should be allowed to dry for about the 24 hours.

Product Features

  • All of our non-woven (fleece) products are made in ecological latex printing.
  • In various sizes,customized size available! Don’t hesitate to ask!
  • Modern pattern, beautiful colors, brilliant appearance!
  • Eco-friendly, bedroom and nursery approved!
  • Easy installation guide included, the soft fleece structure covers all kind of cracks and wall defects!

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