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Warehouse by Tiffany’s 1509+BB75B Dragonfly Tiffany-Style 72-Inch Torchiere Lamp

Tiffany Style Dragonfly Torchiere. The primary colors are purple, green and amber. It. The base is white zinc metal.The Dimensions are 15”Lx72”Hx15”W It requires 1 bulb with a max of 60watts.Has a step on switch. It has more than 200pcs. of cut glass. Each glass is individually cut wrap around copper foil and sotterred together.

Product Features

  • Torchiere lamp with brilliant hues concealing artful dragonflies
  • Shade made from 200+ pieces of hand-cut stained glass; scalloped top edge
  • Sculpted zinc base and carousel-style pole; coordinates with Dragonfly collection
  • Step switch for simple operation; uses a 60-watt incandescent bulb (not included)
  • Measures approximately 15 inches in diameter by 72 inches high

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  1. Jim says:

    Lamp Nice..Package Not The lamp looks good. Works great. Sturdy. Good price. I recommend a 40 watt bulb. Easy to put together. The lamp was packaged by the son of Satan. Do not open it inside your house. The middle of the Sahara Desert would be a good choice. It was packed with a solid styrofoam material that falls apart into tiny pieces when you touch it. The stuff sticks to everyting in sight. I spent over an hour with a vacuum cleaner getting the stuff off of me, the lamp and everything within a 10 foot radius. My garbage collector now looks at me with disgust and loathing.

  2. Paul Preston "One-Armed Man" says:

    Plastic – Not Glass I received the two Tiffany-style pole lamps today, which I ordered. They are described as having a “glass” shade, made of 200+ pieces of “stained glass,” and so on. However, this is absolutely not glass. There is no glass whatsoever in this item. The shade is made of 100% plastic. I worked with stained glass for many years, cutting stained glass, fitting the pieces in lead came, and soldering the assembly. I am amazed that the description is not accurate and honest: This is made of a plastic, or plastic-like material and it is not worth the price that is quoted. The description is deceptive and passes off a cheap plastic item as one that is made of real glass. If this were glass, it would be far heavier than it is. If this were actually glass, I would give it 5 stars.

  3. Mitch10 "mitch10" says:

    Just OK; plastic As stated in other reviews, the shade is NOT made from cut glass, but plastic. It isn’t surprising considering the cost of a little over one hundred dollars, but it is disappointing. Additionally there are other quality issues; the whole lamp leans a bit and the wings on the dragonflies aren’t all straight. I am keeping it because it does serve the purpose of lighting up the back of the living room while being colorful and because my carpeting bulge next to the wall counteracts the leaning. As long as you don’t look at it too closely it’s acceptable.

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