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Yuelong PRO New Design Rotary Motor Black dragonfly style Tattoo Machine/Gun Shader line TM-527

Weight: 200g; Materia: Zinc alloy; Frequency 8000-9000Hz, 4V Start, 10V to work. Description: Aacompact and beautiful appearance; Low noise, powerful, frequency fixing; Available for liner&Shader Instruction: The stem for sticking needles can be adjusted up and down, by which way can save time for the tattoo artists on adjusting the needles. There is 4mm space can be adjusted by twisting the white screw. When the screws clockwise twisted, the stem is going down, vice versa.

Product Features

  • Black Rotary Tattoo Machine, One Piece
  • Gun Type: Electric
  • Material: Alloy
  • Great Design
  • Great for both liner and shade

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