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A Thousand Shades of Green

Union-Pacific Railroad Trestle over Caney Creek, New Caney, Texas 1306271303

Yesterday, the official temperature in Houston exceeded 100 degrees F by a bit. It was a Saturday so there were a lot of people on the roads nearby.

But nearby also is a place I’ve been to often, a place still within the sound of planes, trains and automobiles, and the songs of birds as well. It’s a place where, after a brief drive, a short walk, passing under a highway bridge and an old railroad trestle, leads one to a sparkling creek, with water running over a sand and gravel bottom. It’s a place where one can take off one’s shoes and wade to a sand bar and sit in the sun or in the shaddow of river birches. It’s a place cooled by the shade of those trees and that rippling water. It’s a place where one is in the company of minnows and butterflies and dragonflies and bluejays and cardinals and crows and hawks and…

And, who knows, if one is lucky, a train might pass. After all, the chance of photographing a train on the old trestle is one of the excuses that one has used for coming to this place for a few years now.

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