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Autumn meadowhawk, Sympetrum vicinum – still flying

Several male Autumn meadowhawks have been out at the slough the last couple of days along with a small colony of Citrine forktails. These are the only dragonflies still flying and they don’t make it easy to get shots – they’re very sensitive to shadows (forcing me to shoot backlit), they blend into the vegetation which now has a reddish hue, and they almost always perch on what I call "popsicle sticks" – those naked, dead plant stems this time of year. So this is about as good as I can get of them but I’m happy just to see dragonflies! If ony they knew, in their solitude, how busy this slough was all summer. They don’t have to fight off males of other species, and they don’t have to worry about being snatched by cruising darners.

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