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Blue Dasher with midge 20110925

There were two of these little green-eyed blue-bodied black-tipped dragonflies. about 1 to 1 1/4 inch long– too small to be Eastern Pondhawks, so I was not sure of their ID. See note that points our a midge on its back. — One species of dragonfly, Sympetrum, has antibodies against its midge parasite (Arrenurus planus). When the midge bites into the dragonfly, its piercing mouth part turns bubble-like and the parasite dies. Midges are used to control certain other insect pests (ref: books.google.com/books?id=ZFvGO_LC0m8C&pg=PA88&lp… ). It started out as a pretty dull birding morning at Chapel Trail Nature Preserve near our Florida home. There had been plenty of rain, and flood water had diluted out the fish so that the long-legged waders were no longer concentrated there. We got out late and it was oppressively hot and muggy. The resident crane greeted us at the parking lot, but otherwise it seemed that the paraglider overhead and the bugs and flowers around us were more interesting. Then, the head of a Limpkin appeared above the marsh vegetation. The bird flew up and passed directly in front of us on the way to a roost in the small island. Visit blog.rosyfinch.com

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