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Cópula – The Large Red Damselfly – Pyrrhosoma nymphula


To study and follow the natural diversity, one never ceases to surprise.
Odonates are some amazing insects, its shape is reminiscent of a helicopter and fly their way, they can remain static or even back in flight.
No less remarkable is his way of playing. Who has walked the nature has been watching the dragonflies and damselflies coupled in tandem, forming the typical shape of heart.
The funny thing is that the male testes has far from copulatory apparatus, so it is necessary first to bring this member’s semen and then just copulate. The testes are between segment 8 and 9 of its tail, while the copulatory ideago or member, is among the segments 1 and 2, near the legs.
The male must first download the semen in this space to then mate.
Females have the genitalia between segments 8y 9, so that males must join the segment 1-2 to 8-9, female.

Is that not only bind where the male member, called ideago, the female enters the male subject but also the female with forceps that have in the queue and not released until it is spawning.
This behavior warrants to male paternity is itself and not any other.
In the damselfly, fertilization of eggs takes place not at the time of intercourse, but at the time of oviposition. The male is bound to leave his semen into the female cavity, and some species have developed a particular genital organ, in which clean the cavity of the female prior mating semen.
Packages dark as seen, are the larvae of a parasitic mite that water.

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