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Dragonfly Cameraphone microscope photo

I found a dragonfly that was nearly dead whilst walking to uni. Because of my course and work placement this summer at uni assisting in heathland restoration and invertebrate identification I couldn’t just leave it on the pavement. So after waiting for the path to be empty I bunged the feller in my bag and took him to the labs.

Taken through a (very)low power stereo microscope by putting the phones camera lens up to one of the eyepieces.

Dragonflies are meant to have some of the most complex eyes in an insect…

Photo is available for use and distribution under Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 Generic Creative Commons Licence.

I request that I am informed of any use of the image, so that I can see how and where it is used. Please visit my website for contact details – www.zpyder.co.uk

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