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Dragonfly Tube Macro

Finally I got a Dragonfly to sit still LONG ENOUGH to capture just a few images!
We were wandering around my back yard looking for subjects to shoot while learning more about Tubes for closer macro & GollyGforce and I found a dragonfly in despair in my pond. I got a stick to get the Dragonfly to grip on & allow me to rescue him, he held on tight enough that I planted the end of the stick into my flower pot & Walla,,,,,We had a Great Wet subject but the deteriorating sun was setting & the light was almost gone. Now we have to improvise with Mini LCD Flashlight in mouth or holding for the other to get the shot.
Dragonflies like to be warm, 110 Deg. body heat, this wing action warms & dries his wings.
Learning to use Tubes has been a challenge for me but I have been blessed to have caught on quickly. My opinion, I am pretty critical on myself with the 3 C’s.
Enjoy my series of the 4 best of this shoot.

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