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Green Marsh Hawk

Orthetrum Sabina feeding another dragonfly probably a Common Clubtail (Ictinogomphus rapax)

Common: Slender Skimmer, Green Marsh Hawk

Malayalam: ‘Anathumbi’ means ‘Elephant fly’ because it is the biggest dragonfly in Kerala.

Family: Libellulidae (skimmer)

A common dragonfly of gardens and fields. This dragonfly perches motionless on shrubs and dry wigs for a long time.

Hunts flying insects such as flies, small butterflies and dragonflies. This species can be seen far away from water and occasionally enters houses at night attracted by the light.

Breeds in ponds and tanks. Flights throughout the year.

Widely distributed in Ethiopian, Oriental and Australian region. It is found throughout Indian subcontinent up to an altitude of 2000m ASL.

Size & Description:

Male: Abdomen: 30-36mm, Hind wing: 30-36mm.

Female: Abdomen: 32-35mm, Hind wing: 31-35mm

Male: Face is yellowish green.

Eyes: Green mottled with black.

Thorax: Greenish yellow with black tiger like stripes.

Legs: Black; inner side of anterior femora is yellow.

Wings: Transparent; inner edge of hindwing tinted with yellow.

Wing spot: Black with reddish brown spot.

Abdomen: The segments 1-3 are green with broad black rings and distinctly swollen at the base.

Female: Is very similar to the male.

Taken at Kadavoor, Kerala, India




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