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It’s from Napa Valley..and it’s not wine

(PRWEB) December 19, 2002

Not long ago, American drank their wines from jugs. Back then, fine Italian food meant spaghetti and raviolis.Napa was a place that grew walnuts.

Enter the 1980′s What better product to enhance the “Gotta be me” generation then the invention of the wine snob. No longer was great wine the domain of the rich and powerful. Now Joe Sixpack traded his can of malt for a fume blanc. The wine craze continues to gather steam, even as other fads come and go.( remember cigars?..) Now Napa Valley, the land of the American Bacchus is reinventing itself as The cultural mecca. Swarms of tourists regularly invade Napa Valley on weekends seeking that laid back elegance that exudes from posh resorts like Meadowood and Auberge Du Soliel.

With the advent of Mondavi’s ode to food wine and the arts ( otherwise known as Copia)the image of Napa as merely a wine region is changing. No longer is “Made in Napa Valley” reserved for wine labels. Olive oil tastings have become extremely popular with some winerys capitalizing on their existing distribution channels and wine club memberships to spread the news that the California Wine Country is the epicenter of the new wave of designer olive oils.. Salute Sante has a thriving business selling….drumroll please…grapeseed oil!Their products have been covered in the New York Times and are shipped globally.

Even Napa Valley based “infant music” composer Thomas Schoenberger’s “Ultimate Baby CD’ has become a raging hot ticket item nationally among parents looking for hip Napa Valley gifts for baby.The CD was recently picked up by infomercial folks

Media Corp Worldwide and features the artwork of Jessell Miller, a Napa Valley artist known for her vivid landscapes and

colorful childrens books.

With Thomas Keller’s French Laundry restuarant being ranked first in the nation by Time Magazine, is it any wonder Napa Valley cookbooks have been gaining steam in the often crowded culinary book industry? Napa cuisine is hot and appears to be among the cutting edge cuisines of the world.

As wine continues to entrench itself into our rapidly expanding cultural outlook, there is no doubt that we will benefit from the healthy and chic by-products traditionally coveted by the wine connoisseur.

So the next time you hear Napa Valley mentioned, maybe they aren’t talking about wine …..

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