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Light, Colour, MAGIC!

I have to say I am very proud of this one, and feel very personally confident that I love it for my own reasons. This to me, brings a slightly surreal, dreamy and magical slant on a Dragonfly. It’s exactly how I see them. I spent a very long time today, just transfixed on watching these, and in particular this male Black Tailed Skimmer. Dragonflies are very territorial, and this one defended his spot almost constantly. I watched the females, almost "flirting" with this male, teasing him to leave his spot of rest and relaxation. He defended his territory well against other Dragons and Damsels, and responded to the females when he felt like it. Quite the male of the species. :) No wonder he needed to rest!! I was extremely happy to see all the colours in the BOKEH, which really does it for me in this shot. In addition, I love the wings forward position. Gorgeous :) It has to be one of my favourites, because it represents best what I "see" which is my love of photographing wildlife, and in particular, Dragons. :)

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