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Oh, I Do Hope So!

If I’m right, then photography-wise it’s another lifer for me. I’ve spent the last two days researching and asking a few people for confirmation as to whether this was indeed the Brilliant Emerald – a species I’ve seen but failed to photograph before.

After a heads up regarding their presence, I headed over to Puttenham Common in Surrey on Monday in the hope of finding them. It was dark, dank and the lack of sun and their preferred place meant an ISO of 800, which was still too low for a decent shot.

Yesterday I visited another reported site and got lost – twice! Both times in deepest, darkest woods with a feeling that I would never again return home! After 4 hours walking/limping, I finally found the car and vowed to just stay put in unfamiliar territory from now on.

So, the signs are yellow frons, yellow wing suffusions and longer anal appendages than the Downy, all present here…but I’m still not totally convinced…..just looks like a Downy to me….

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