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Red darter: using the top of Arum (Araceae) as a raised stand for hunting – bokeh

This dragonfly, i.e. Darter, is very common (in W-Java) at the edge of paddy (floated rice fields).

Crocothemis spec.(Feuerlibellen)
Subfamily; Sympetrinae (Darters)
Family: Libellulidae (Segellibellen)
Suborder: Anisoptera (Dragonflies, Großlibellen)
Order: Odonata (Libellen)

Arum spec.?
Family: Araceae (Aronstabgewächse)
Order: Alismatales (Froschlöffelartige)

Indonesia, W-Java, ca. 10 km S Tangerang: vic. Serpong, 50m asl, 26.10.2010

100mm 2.8 (canon, L) , f/4, 1/80s, ISO400, AL, Mono-pod

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