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This was taken a while back now at the reservoir at Chew Magna/Barrow Gurney the same time I took the "Man and his Reservoir" photograph, which you can find here. I’m not sure what type of spider this is but my guess is that it’s a mere "garden spider", a vague name which could relate to many types but I think they come in various shapes and sizes. As you can tell by that last sentence I didn’t take the photograph because of an interest in spiders but merely because it was there and it was appealing. I had brought my Tamron 70-300mm lens with me but foolishly didn’t bring a tripod. I frequently borrowed fellow Flickr user Calidenism’s from time to time. Nevertheless I still took some macro photographs handheld as you can tell here by the slight smear, despite the smear I thought it was still a pretty good achievement to photograph something small with a big lense handheld, I’m rather chuffed with the resulting depth of field also. Yeah!!!

Taken on 29th June 2010.

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