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The Catch

Its a matter of life and death between Robber fly and the wasp.

Robber fly,one of the predator insects is known for its hunting skills.Its powerful vision,fast flight helps in catching the prey in near vicinity..With a typical size of 2-inch,Robber Fly can even catch the insects like cicadas which are twice of its size.

Robber fly cannot eat the prey.It injects a nerve toxin to paralyze,preparing a slow death to prey.The toxin liquefies the prey and Robber fly sucks the body through the proboscis.

Typically,After capturing the food,it reaches-out to a safe place to sit and enjoy the meal.The photograph was taken during one such moment.

The eyes of the Robber fly,or for that matter dragon flies and many other insects are called compound eyes.It is basically a convex surface of many thousands of individual photo receptors.It can detect fast movement and provide a large viewing angle.

The photograph also shows the polarization of light happening in the compound eyes(polarization is quite common in such type of eyes)

Photography details:
Nikon D700
Sigma 150mm Macro Lens
Aperture :f8
Shutter speed :1/500s
Exp Compensation : -1 ev

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