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The Sad Dragonfly.

Rest in Peace, Sad Dragonfly.
>For those of you who do not know much about dragonflies here is my "Sad Dragonfly" story from today & a few facts. ♥ I love dragonflies… & well, bugs!

>When I found him he was struggling, sad, & broken.. literally.
He had just gotten in a fight with another male dragonfly, probably over a mate or lunch. When male dragonflies fight usually it is until the death, they grab the other’s wings & twist – & rip them off.
>Dragonflies have 6 legs, but they cannot walk. They can only fly or land. Strange. However, when dragonflies fight & lose- they can no longer survive.

I found "The Sad Dragonfly" today in my field. I was trying to figure out what was wrong with him, and then I saw his wings had been torn. He couldn’t walk, so he was just kind of flapping his wings & not moving very far. Then I remembered that dragonflies cannot walk, and I felt the need to step in.

When I see an insect suffering/dying typically I move it to a safe place, that way it is not put through any more pain. [I can't imagine leaving an insect on the ground helpless to be eaten alive by ants or a bird.. Even if that is Mother Nature's way- not when I can help it.]

So I brought him inside, I fed him insects & tonight he died.
He had so much energy- you’d think he would be fine, but he knew he couldn’t go on & he let go.

RIP Sad Dragonfly. ♥

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