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Vesper bluet, male – RARE

I’m late posting today so I’ll do another damselfly since I have so many that I haven’t shared. Vesper bluets are rare here and are one of the rarest odes that I see every year. And strangely – I only find them in our yard. I’ve never come across one anywhere else. They come out of that pond behind us that hosts the Halloween pennants and as their name would suggest – they fly mostly at dusk over water. For just 1-2 days a season they come up in our yard and then return to the pond. I have to watch closely for them or I’ll miss them entirely for the whole season. Hope they are surviving this cold! Specs on the leaves aren’t from sharpening – they’re some kind of dusting – maybe pollen.

Note their smudgy shoulder stripes that help separate them from similar species like Orange bluets – which we also get in the yard.

Warming up today and will be in the 60′s by Saturday. Hope you’re thawing out too.

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