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Welsh Dragons

The Common Hawker is IMO the most unsuitable name for what is a very rare species here in Hampshire, and indeed much of the south. I prefer the European name Moorland Hawker, which suitably describes the environment they prefer.

My only previous photo was a lucky encounter 3 years ago, so this year I decided to do something about it. If they wouldn’t come to me, then I would go to them. So Sue & I took a weekend in South Wales’ Gower Peninsular on a tip off from Dave Batchelor (NewEra51).

Although Sunday was the agreed day, we arrived with time to spare so headed out on a scouting trip late afternoon, bumping into Dave and his group, At around 4.30 I had my first opportunity and went back to the hotel happy in the knowledge I could relax on Sunday after the trip had already proved worthwhile.

On Sunday we met up with Dave and Tony and waited for the sun to appear. It wasn’t long before we had more opportunities to observe, admire and photograph this magnificent beast. I had several preconceptions thwarted by what proved to be a most agreeable subject with an entirely different behaviour pattern than those I’ve briefly encountered down here, and was far more attractive than what I’d assumed to be a rather drab species compared to the Southern.

Not so – a beautiful, vibrant creature who has become my new best friend.

Many thanks to Dave and Tony who proved to be excellent company and helpful guides.

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More photos below. I did post them as a sequence, but that failed!

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